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Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Fatal motorcycle crashes across South Carolina rose significantly in 2021 compared to prior years. Law enforcement leaders say they believe distracted driving and people spending more time traveling in a post-pandemic world were to blame.

The 154 motorcyclists who died last year was the highest total since 1980, when the South Carolina Department of Public Safety began collecting data in the state’s Traffic Collision Fact Book.

Helping Injured Motorcyclists in Charleston, SC

There are no seatbelts, airbags or roll bars on a motorcycle. That’s why injuries are typically severe. Even if a rider isn’t injured by the car itself, they could be injured from the impact of the road. Motorcycles are exciting to ride but the potential injuries are significant.

In South Carolina, Motorcyclists over the age of 21 don’t have to wear helmets. So, it’s even easier to sustain traumatic brain injuries or paralysis in the event of a motorcycle accident without a helmet.

Common motorcycle injuries seen in Charleston include:

  • Road rash

  • Broken bones

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Brain injuries

  • Organ damage

Motorcycle Insurance Companies Can Be Tough to Deal With

Motorcyclists have more challenges with insurance companies than auto owners. When you’re involved in an accident, you hope that your insurance company will be on your side. However, your insurance company is a business focused on the bottom line and are trained to deny and delay.

The reason motorcycle riders have a harder time with insurance companies is that they receive a lot of the blame due, probably, to the fact that most people believe riding in general is so very dangerous. In some ways, bikers are seen as outlaws or thrill-seekers, so it is easier to blame the motorcycle in any accident. Additionally, most insurance companies, on average, will offer lower settlement amounts to motorcycle riders.

In South Carolina, the responsible party in an accident is responsible for paying for the damages. If you are found responsible for your own accident, you will receive a lower settlement. You need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney that can help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. Just because you choose to ride a motorcycle, doesn’t mean that you should have to accept an unfair settlement amount.

To recover based on the at-fault driver’s policy, your lawyer will send a demand letter on your behalf to the insurance company. Once this is done, the insurance company is left with three options:

  1. Deny the claim

  2. Agree to pay the claim

  3. Submit a counteroffer

The third option is the most common and from this point, your attorney will enter into negotiations with the insurance company in an attempt to settle your claim.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, or if the insurance company denies your claim, your lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit in an effort to recover the compensation you deserve.

How Can Our Motorcycle Lawyer Help You?

When you talk to insurance companies on your own, there is a good chance you’ll be taken advantage of. When you hire an experienced attorney, the insurance company will instantly take you more seriously.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will also be able to investigate your case, gather information about your accident, and even talk to witnesses.

Even more importantly, an experienced lawyer will help determine your damages. Some things are easy to calculate, like medical bills, property damage, and anything with a numerical value. However, there are also emotional damages that are harder to quantify. Attorneys evaluate damages routinely to ensure that you get a proper settlement. Some of the most common damages include:

  • Medical expenses

  • Future medical expenses

  • Loss of income

  • Motorcycle replacement or repair

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional trauma

  • Loss of quality of life

Who’s Liable in a Motorcycle Accident?

For a motorcyclist involved in an accident to recover damages, your attorneys will work hard to gather evidence and build a case that will show the driver of the motor vehicle that caused your injuries was negligent.

Some of the most common causes of a motorcycle accident in which the other driver was negligent may include:

  • Speeding

  • Reckless or Careless driving

  • Driving while distracted

  • Driving while tired, or fell asleep at the wheel

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Contact Our Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should get in touch with West Law immediately. There is a finite amount of time to build your case the right way and win the compensation you need and deserve.

Caroline West is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to accidents and personal injury. She is passionate about fighting for the injured and has been practicing for over 25 years.

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