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Charleston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

South Carolina has 185+ nursing homes according to Of these skilled nursing facilities, a little more than half are ranked at or above the national average. According to the Medicare and Medicaid program, the remaining 30 -40% are ranked below average.

Nursing homes should provide a safe environment where the elderly can live their final years peacefully. Unfortunately, many times, instead, these vulnerable adults are abused or neglected.

If you suspect your loved one has been abused or neglected while living in a South Carolina nursing home, our personal injury lawyer can help you protect them while also recovering the compensation they deserve.


Nursing Home Residents Have Legal Rights

Nursing home residents are protected by both state and federal law. In South Carolina, the state’s Adult Protection law helps to support nursing home residents, and at the federal level, it’s the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act. The Nursing Home Reform Act grants all nursing home residents several important legal rights, including:


  • The ability to voice complaints without fear of retribution

  • The right to privacy

  • The right to make individual lifestyle decisions

  • Freedom from any form of discrimination

  • Freedom from all forms of abuse and exploitation

  • Full information regarding living arrangements

  • Reasonable participation in decisions regarding medical treatment

  • Flexible visitation time with family members

  • The right to dignity and respect


Even if state law falls a little short and doesn’t provide acceptable protection for residents, federal law always takes precedence. This means that if there’s a conflict between state and federal law, the provisions of federal law will apply.

South Carolina Nursing Home Neglect

In addition to abuse by nursing home caregivers, residents can also be the victims of simple neglect. Some believe that neglect is becoming more common due to facilities being understaffed and caregivers that are underpaid and undertrained.

Nursing homes without adequate staff might even fail to provide residents with proper hydration and nutrition. This can be a life-threatening problem for many residents who are unable to help themselves.

Personal hygiene neglect is another common issue. Residents sometimes left un-bathed in dirty clothes for hours or longer. It has also been shown that soiled beds have been left unchanged, and the cleanliness of the facility itself might be unsanitary.

Many nursing homes also fail to take care of residents’ medical needs. They sometimes fail to administer medicines or treatments in a timely manner which obviously could lead to serious injury. One of the more common signs of neglect is bedsores or pressure ulcers. If someone is left sitting or lying in the same position for too long a time, these sores can form and lead to infection.


Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The best way to keep your loved one from falling victim to the serious issues outlined below is to keep watch by visiting often. During the visits, be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • Untreated sores, bruises, or abrasions

  • Soiled bed or clothes

  • Poor hygiene, smell of urine or feces

  • Unnatural weight loss

  • Withdrawal from social activities

  • Distress when being changed or bathed

  • Unusual financial transactions

  • Staff won’t leave you alone with the resident

  • Staff won’t let you visit the resident


What Our Nursing Home Attorney Can Do for You

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are complex legal matters. Abuse and neglect tend to be difficult to prove unfortunately, therefore, holding facilities liable, can be a challenge. The attorney you choose needs the skill and experience to help protect the health, safety, and rights, of your loved one. Caroline West is that attorney and here’s how she can help:

  • Arrange an intervention to get your loved one out of a potentially dangerous situation

  • Gather all evidence related to the nursing home abuse or neglect case

  • Consult with doctors and medical experts

  • Issue subpoenas to gather information needed from the nursing home

  • Negotiate a fair settlement

  • If necessary, pursue litigation


Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm You Can Trust

Our South Carolina nursing home abuse & neglect attorney, Caroline West, can help you through the extremely difficult time of discovering that a loved one might be experiencing mistreatment. Experience, and compassion is what Caroline brings to each case for over 25 years. Let that experience guide you in protecting your loved one and recovering the compensation they deserve.


Consult with Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today.

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