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South Carolina Surgical Errors Attorney

The good news is that South Carolina saw a 22 percent reduction in post-surgical deaths in hospitals that completed a voluntary, statewide program to implement the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist. The bad news is the number of injuries and deaths related to surgical errors is still unacceptably high. Mistakes are common in hospitals but when they’re made by a member of a surgical team, including the anesthesiologist, technicians, and nurses, they can have deadly consequences.


Common South Carolina Surgical Errors


Wrong site surgery occurs when the surgery is performed on the wrong body part or organ. Yes, it’s true what you heard - there have been instances in which patients have had the wrong limb amputated.


Wrong patient surgery. While not as common as wrong site surgery, this has still been known to happen. Misidentification causes a patient to be subjected to a surgery they do not need, along with all the risk of complications.


Use of unsanitary surgical instruments can lead to cross-contamination of disease. If the patient is currently suffering from a compromised immune system, the results can be severe.


Damage to organs and tissue can occur when a neighboring organ can be accidentally perforated or punctured with a tool such as scalpel, scissors, laser, or catheter. Organ tissue is particularly delicate, and when damaged can lead to significant health issues.


Nerve damage can be caused by a surgeon's physical error, or by a mistake in the administration of anesthesia, resulting in permanent impairment to the patient.


Leaving an object in a patient. Sometimes, when the incision is sutured up, there’s a gauze pad, a clamp, or a sponge, still inside the body. Serious complications and infection can result from such overlooked objects.


Surgical Malpractice Cases can be Complex


It’s the job of your South Carolina medical malpractice attorney to prove that it was the surgeon, or a member of the surgical team, whose negligence violated the proper standard of care and that this violation was the direct cause of the patient’s harm. The “proper standard of care” must be testified to by expert witnesses.


Surgical errors aren’t always as obvious as removing the wrong limb. They sometimes involve complications that arise from anesthesia or from the surgical team’s failure to exercise reasonable care post-surgery. They may involve ineffective sutures, incorrectly applied bandages, or unsterile equipment that causes infection. Sometimes the surgical technique itself is under question.


Are You a Victim of Surgical Malpractice?

South Carolina Surgical errors can cause significant problems. Pain and suffering, permanent disability, death, and financial loss. If you or a loved one has suffered a complication during or shortly after surgery, you should confer with an experienced South Carolina medical malpractice lawyer.


Contact a Surgical Errors Lawyer Today


Caroline West is an experienced South Carolina Surgical Errors Lawyer and has been fighting for the rights of the injured for over 25 years. If you or a loved one suffered a worsening medical condition or death due to surgical error, you may be eligible to recover damages. West Law works on a contingency fee basis. Meaning we don’t get paid unless you do.


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