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Largest Medical Malpractice Verdicts of 2022

Medical malpractice cases are viewed with disdain among the medical community and state legislators. Doctors and others in the healthcare industry claim that these cases drive up costs and make medical professionals hesitate when providing care to their patients.
Legislators similarly claim that because medical malpractice insurers must pay compensation to injured patients that can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per case, the cost of medical care for all patients continues to increase.
But for those patients who succeed with their medical malpractice cases, the compensation obtained is justice. A compensation award cannot undo medical errors, but it can help patients deal with the consequences of those poor choices, some of which can last the rest of their lives.

Top 3 Medical Malpractice Verdicts in 2022

Many medical malpractice cases will settle before going to trial for various reasons. While the injured patient in a settlement gets fast compensation through a settlement, such compensation is often less than the full amount they’ll need to be made whole.
But a few cases go to trial and succeed, and the compensation received reminds all about the true cost of medical mistakes. Here are some of the biggest verdicts received by patients in 2022.

1. Thapa v. St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates

In this case, the patient was a 17-year-old who broke his leg while playing soccer and went to St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota for treatment. Following surgery, the boy complained of pain, burning, and other symptoms but was discharged from the hospital anyway.
By the time the boy returned to the hospital nearly a week later, the patient was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome, a very serious condition that can cause severe complications. The patient was left with a permanent disability.
In this case, the jury awarded the patient one million dollars for his past and future medical expenses and 10 million for his past pain and suffering. But the shocking part of the verdict came when the jury awarded the boy an additional $100 million for his future pain and suffering.
Altogether, the verdict totaled $111 million, making it the largest medical malpractice verdict of 2022.

2. Kromphardt v. Mercy Hospital

In this case, the pregnant patient was admitted to the hospital in labor at a time when her child’s fetal heartbeat was irregular. Instead of ordering an emergency C-section, the doctor gave the patient medications to slow her labor.
By the time the doctor returned to deliver the patient’s baby, the baby’s vital signs had deteriorated. Nonetheless, the doctor proceeded to deliver the baby forcefully and vaginally, using forceps and vacuum suction.
As a result, the baby sustained severe and permanent injuries, including cerebral palsy and brain damage. The child will require around-the-clock care for the remainder of his life. In light of this, an Iowa jury awarded the patient $97.4 million for the child’s future medical care, as well as a loss of earning potential and pain and suffering.

3. The Estate of Nicholas Carusillo v. Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences

Mr. Carusillo, who suffered from addiction and bipolar disorder, was a patient at the defendant facility. While there, the facility stopped giving him the medication he was taking and later involuntarily discharged him for keeping a cell phone in violation of the facility’s policies.
Upon discharge, Mr. Carusillo went to live at a sober living house. However, the defendant facility failed to tell the house about Mr. Carusillo’s mental health conditions.
A few days after arriving at the sober living house, Mr. Carusillo died after he suffered a psychotic episode and was struck by several vehicles while curled up in a fetal position naked on the highway.
In this case, the defendant-facility tried to falsify records about Mr. Carusillo’s care and treatment after his death to make the facility look better.
As a result of Mr. Carusillo’s death and the facility’s actions, a Georgia jury awarded Mr. Carusillo’s estate $10 million for his pain and suffering and another $55 million for his lost life, along with additional compensation as punitive damages.

Contact West Law, LLC if You’ve Been Affected by Medical Malpractice

Seeking justice against a doctor, hospital, or other medical facility can be intimidating. You need a strong advocate representing you who isn’t afraid to seek justice and help you get the compensation you deserve.
That advocate is West Law LLC in Charleston, SC. Contact us as soon as possible following a potential medical error or misdiagnosis so we can get to work assisting you.
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