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Why You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction accidents can happen in many circumstances. Perhaps you were walking by a construction zone and tripped over an uneven walkway. Or maybe you were driving through a road repair zone and a heavy machinery operator hit your vehicle. If you’ve been hurt while in a construction zone, a construction accident lawyer’s help is vital.

You may face internal or external pressures to settle a construction accident claim quickly. But if you speak with an experienced attorney, they will explain your rights and share their wealth of experience with similar cases. As a result, you will want to slow down and handle your legal approach with greater care.

Why Construction Companies and Municipalities Settle

A construction project can be overseen by either a private company or a local or state agency. This factor depends on the location and the nature of the work being done on the job site.
For example, a private business that is constructing a new office building would have a general contractor in charge to oversee all the work being done. Conversely, a company repairing a public road would be overseen by a government agency.

No matter who is responsible for a project’s safety, lawsuits represent a potential cost. An expensive claim or lawsuit that drags on for months can derail a construction project. For this reason, companies or agencies accused of negligence have a significant incentive to settle injury claims quickly.

Reasons to Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

When you are hurt by negligent behavior occurring on a construction site, you should not wait to speak with a qualified attorney. A lawyer with experience representing injury victims with these types of claims can perform several crucial functions and tasks designed to help you get the most compensation possible:

Identify the Responsible Party or Parties

If you get into a car wreck, the other driver is most often the person against whom you will file a claim. In a construction accident, it can be difficult to easily identify with whom responsibility lies.
Aside from the individual worker who committed the negligent act, the following people or entities may also be at fault:
  • A subcontractor or general contractor

  • An architect or engineering firm

  • The business that hired the general contractor

  • The manufacturer of a tool or material that is used in the construction site

  • A local or state agency or governmental body

If it is not clear who is responsible for your injuries, you will need time to figure this vital information out. But a skilled attorney can investigate to determine fault and promptly file a claim.

Complying with Filing Requirements

If the State of South Carolina or a local or county government employee or agency is to blame for your construction accident, there are additional hurdles to bringing a lawsuit.

Specifically, your claim must comply with the state’s Tort Claims Act. This is an important piece of legislation that describes how the government or any component thereof can be sued. The tort claims act is not just a set of suggestions; compliance with its provisions and deadlines is mandatory.
Similarly, failing to comply is grounds for a denial of your claim without the possibility to refile or try again. Instead of attempting to understand or follow the South Carolina Tort Claims Act yourself, you can trust a knowledgeable attorney to do so with little difficulty.

Go Toe-to-Toe with Insurance Companies

Whether the responsible party is a public entity or a private entity, chances are high that they are insured. That insurance company is the one that will pay your successful claim. However, you can expect that their team of lawyers will look for ways to deny your claim.

If they cannot do that, they will attempt to negotiate as low a settlement as possible. These teams of attorneys can seem intimidating — but not to a tenacious South Carolina construction accident lawyer.
Selecting an attorney with significant experience in these types of injury accidents puts you on equal footing with these companies. It also helps prevent you from feeling pressured into settling for less than your case is worth.

West Law LLC Is Your Construction Accident Lawyer in South Carolina

To reap these and other benefits of having a construction accident lawyer, you need to select an attorney who has the know-how to handle your injury claim. In South Carolina, that attorney is West Law LLC. Call our office today and let us educate you on all the ways our firm’s services can assist you.
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